Bringing learning about physical and emotional wellbeing to life.
On Your Marks

'On Your Marks' is an hour long, high impact educational presentation for Key Stage 2 pupils. It brings to life learning around physical and emotional wellbeing. The presentation comprises live theatre plus interactive discussion. This presentation provides young people in KS2 with tools to understand aspects of their own emotional health and strategies to become skilled at responding to situations in different ways.

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Tools to support each other.
One Of My Friends

One of My Friends uses live theatre and discussion to bring to life learning around physical and emotional health with Key Stage 3 pupils. The performance, plus talkback, provide Year 7 / 8 pupils with tools to begin considering the elements that influence their feelings and emotional health.

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Exploring issues surrounding county lines activities
Going Country

'Going Country?' Is an hour-long, high impact educational presentation for year 9 students exploring issues surrounding county lines activity. The session Comprises of performance plus interactive discussion- based elements.

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Theatre supporting healthier lifestyles
Big difference

Big Difference is a theatre in health education play. The story follows one family's journey of discovery as they learn to try new things. Using humour and recognisable characters the fast-paced narrative brings to life some of the key ideas in the department of health Change4Life initiative. The play acts as a catalyst for the discussions that follow it.

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Impactful drama exploring substance misuse
Wired: Under the Influence

Gets students to think for themselves, be aware of their emotions, to identify risks and manage them safely

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Starting conversations around mental health through theatre
No Harm Done?

A theatre in education play followed by an interactive talkback that aims to start conversations around mental health and emotional well-being. Targeted at young people in KS3 No Harm Done? follows two teenage school friends: Jake and Emily, who share an experience of self-harm. The story talks about feelings, self-care and how we might react when someone we care about self-harms.

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Exploring risks and consequences of drinking underage
Under the Influence?

Under the Influence? Uses multimedia, theatre and discussion to support young people to make healthier life choices around drinking alcohol, and to begin to develop the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions.

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