Big difference

Theatre supporting healthier lifestyles

Big difference

BIG Difference is a theatre in health education play. The story follows one family's journey of discovery as they learn to try new things. Using humour and recognisable characters the fast-paced narrative brings to life some of the key ideas in the department of health Change4Life initiative. The play acts as a catalyst for the discussions that follow it.

Targeted at young people in KS2 -Key stage two (their adults are also encouraged to attend) BIG Difference forms part of a response to the rise in rates of overweight and obese children aged under 11. The play and interactive workshop seek to engage young learners in considering their and their family's relationship to diet, exercise and living happy lives. It raises awareness of the benefits of healthy lifestyles and the potential risks associated with being overweight. With established curriculum links the programme has being used by schools to complement and enhance existing work on healthy eating, physical activity and in PHSE lessons.

Initially commissioned by the NHS and later funded by the directorate of Public Health at East Riding of Yorkshire Council 'Big Difference' has been seen by over 20,000 young people, teachers, parents and health care professionals.


Supports the curriculum and our work in school...a creative and effective way to put important health messages across to children
Excellent live performance is a memorable medium for education and this was just that!
Outstanding presentation that really connected with the children and made them think...great initiative