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Going Country

Exploring issues surrounding county lines activities

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designing and delivering impactful theatre in health education projects

what we do

Since 2009 Dramatic Theatre have been designing and delivering engaging, educational theatre projects. Our approach offers young people the opportunity to learn about themselves and their world in a creative way.

Our work uses professional performance and Interactive workshops to support young people to explore key issues, so that they can begin to make empowered and informed choices in the future. Whether it’s exploring a challenge, tackling a key issue, or expressing feelings, our projects are always designed to connect with the needs of our participants and partners.

Our work has taken us- across the Yorkshire and Humber region and connected us with children and young people of all needs, abilities and backgrounds. In both schools and wider community settings. Together we use theatre to create new ways of exploring ideas, that support young people to discover, develop and grow.

Dramatic Theatre constituted as a community interest company in 2020.

We have found using educational theatre a powerful and engaging method for communicating our healthy lifestyle messages to young people. Our collaborations with dramatic theatre have produced extremely exciting, engaging and effective projects that support our objectives.

- Laurie Fergusson, public health lead. East Riding of Yorkshire council

Live still from Wired: Under the influence
Live still from Wired: Under the influence

the future

At Dramatic we are ambitious to develop creative approaches to the health-related challenges our communities face. We’re keen to develop new relationships, new work and expand our current projects reach. If you would like to explore the possibility of collaborating to achieve your goals or would like to involve theatre in communicating your messages to children and young people we would love to hear from you.


Supports the curriculum and our work in school...a creative and effective way to put important health messages across to children

Big Difference

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Going Country

Exploring issues surrounding county lines activity

Big Difference

Theatre supporting healthier lifestyles

Wired: Under the Influence

Impactful drama exploring substance misuse

No Harm Done

Starting conversations around mental health through theatre

Under the Influence

Exploring risks and consequences of drinking underage