No Harm Done?

Starting conversations around mental health through theatre

No Harm Done?

A theatre in education play followed by an interactive talkback that aims to start conversations around mental health and emotional well-being. Targeted at young people in KS3 No Harm Done? follows two teenage school friends: Jake and Emily, who share an experience of self-harm. The story talks about feelings, self-care and how we might react when someone we care about self-harms.

Developed with the Public Health team at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, researched with specialist groups including charity 'Harmless' and supported by School Nursing teams and Youth and Family support.

Using the characters and story of No Harm Done? the workshop looks at how we might recognise signs of emotional distress in ourselves or others and explores how and where we might go for support. No Harm Done? is supported by a collection of follow up activities for school staff aimed at raising further awareness of issues surrounding self harm.


Good presentation with a plenary that does challenge and is thought provoking. I'd recommend to other schools
It shows that its OK not to be OK, and to look out for friends. No Harm done? Has done an excellent job of sensitively raising issues about self harm and mental health
Especially good for encouraging teenage boys to discuss feelings and emotions
It's a really effective way of delivering crucial messages to young people