One Of My Friends

Tools to support each other.

One Of My Friends

One of My Friends uses live theatre and discussion to bring to life learning around physical and emotional health with Key Stage 3 pupils.

The performance, plus talkback, provide Year 7 / 8 pupils with tools to begin considering the elements that influence their feelings and emotional health.

Pupils listen to a series of characters telling us their stories about the struggles or challenges they are facing.

The stories are constructed to address key themes in the PSHE curriculum: Mental health and emotional wellbeing, the use of alcohol / drugs and smoking / vaping.

Following hearing each of the characters' stories pupils are encouraged to question the characters' choices, discuss their ideas and offer the character their advice, as if they were 'One of My Friends'.

The initiative is designed to offer pupils an opportunity to engage emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills. Through listening and empathising with a characters' challenges, pupils problem solve, develop advice and strategies should similar situations arise for themselves or their peers.

Following a successful tour of East riding secondary schools, summer term 2023 One of My Friends will retour summer 2024.


Allows pupils to think for themselves. The characters really engage them in talking about feelings.
The Drama allows students to consider scenarios without it being personal to them. Exactly the issues our students are dealing with day to day. Excellent.
Well led interactions that addressed potentially difficult subjects with skill. The questioning supported pupils to reflect on the characters choices, attitudes and behaviours.