Wired: Under the Influence

Impactful drama exploring substance misuse

Wired: Under the Influence

Using live theatre and discussion Wired explores key questions around the use of substances and alcohol. It examines peer pressure and risk- taking behaviours for young people in KS3. The project seeks to help inform resilient young people to make healthier life choices and begin to make healthy and informed decisions around the use of alcohol and substances.

The interactive performance and accompanying workshop is structured to help young people in school years 8-10 learn about alcohol and substance misuse and begin to understand the impact it can have on their health and relationships. The talk backs encourages in depth thought and discussion around the issues. Participants are given the chance to reflect on the characters decision making in the story and are requested to offer alternative ways the characters might behave. The key objectives of Wired are to:

  • Explore the dangers of substance misuse and its consequences
  • Encourage personal responsibility
  • Explore effective ways to challenge peer pressure around substance misuse
  • Motivate young people to keep themselves safe and make informed decisions
  • Contribute to the reduction of drug and alcohol misuse amongst young people


Captured all the students attention...very relevant to the decisions students of this age will face in the next few years
Great to see an educational presentation that conveys information almost entirely by posing questions. This really encouraged critical thinking and engagement
It made our pupils think and gave them facts to consider
An informative session that encourages students to think about their actions