On Your Marks

Bringing learning about physical and emotional wellbeing to life.

On Your Marks

' On Your Marks ' is an hour long, high impact educational presentation for Key Stage 2 pupils. It brings to life learning around physical and emotional wellbeing. The presentation comprises live theatre plus interactive discussion. This presentation provides young people in KS2 with tools to understand aspects of their own emotional health and strategies to become skilled at responding to situations in different ways.

At the centre of the 'On Your Marks' presentation is a carefully researched and structured piece of educational theatre that asks the question -"How can we change how we feel?" The narrative of 'On Your Marks' is designed to emotionally engage its audience of young learners, presenting recognisable characters and identifiable situations to explore social skills, our relationships with others, esteem and resilience.

Tom has just started a new school and is completely out of his comfort zone. But when Jaz comes along with a smile and an offer of help Tom begins to find his way back to feeling happy.

On Your Marks visited 30 East Riding primary schools in March 2023 and is set to visit 30 more in spring 2024.


Encourages young people to talk and build positive relationships shares how physical activity can help feelings.
Fun, interactive and pitched perfectly. children had the chance to think about their own emotional health through the characters story
Shows talking about feelings as very normal. Offers children lots of ideas to help them understand and manage their feelings. Engaging and enjoyable.