Under the Influence?

Exploring risks and consequences of drinking underage

Under the Influence?

Under the Influence? Uses multimedia, theatre and discussion to support young people to make healthier life choices around drinking alcohol, and to begin to develop the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions. The play and workshop considers how alcohol might affect our relationship with others. It looks at peer pressure and offers young people strategies for staying safe around alcohol.

At the centre of 'Under the Influence' is a carefully researched and structured piece of educational theatre. This is designed to emotionally engage its audience, presenting recognisable characters, identifiable situations and risks and challenges to be overcome. Targeted at young people in year 7 the story follows two young people and their experiences with alcohol. It explores attitudes to and motivations for drinking alcohol and considers the effects, risks and consequences of being under the influence of alcohol.

Researched and developed with the Public Health team at East Riding of Yorkshire Council with input from other bodies including the police. The initiative is due to pilot in secondary schools, spring 2020.