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Since 2009 Dramatic Theatre has been delivering engaging theatre in health education programmes. Our work uses interactive theatre projects to support young people to make healthier life choices and begin to develop the skills to make healthy and informed decisions.

Working across a wide variety of school settings with children and young people of all needs, abilities and backgrounds we have built a reputation for creating highly effective theatre in education performances and workshops that inform and educate on key health related issues young people may face. Bringing the PSHE curriculum to Dramatic life.

At the centre of each of our projects is a carefully researched and structured piece of professionally delivered theatre. This is designed to emotionally engage its audience, presenting recognisable characters, identifiable situations and risks or challenges to be overcome. The facilitated interactive activities that surround the performances allow participants the opportunity to question and reflect upon the choices the characters make in the story. Crucially the projects invite children and young people to consider how if they found themselves in similar situations they might go about managing the risks or challenges to be overcome in different ways.

Live still from Big Difference

Get students to think for themselves, be aware of their emotions, to identify risks and manage them safely

Live still from Wired: Under the influence

Our Theatre in education projects are bespoke in design, meaning our clients specific aims and learning objectives are implemented at all stages when creating a learning programme. The projects are supported by tailored resources and comprehensive follow up materials for school staff - helping to further embed learning.

At Dramatic we are ambitious to develop creative approaches to the health-related challenges our communities face. We're keen to develop new relationships, new work and expand our current projects reach. If you would like to explore the possibility of collaborating to achieve your goals or would like to involve theatre in communicating your messages to children and young people we would love to hear from you.

We are able to offer a complete design through to delivery service. Researching, devising, scripting, piloting and evaluating as per client requirements.

Dramatic are based in Beverley, East Yorkshire and deliver projects throughout the North.

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Discover more about our work on Substance misuse in secondary schools here.

Supports the curriculum and our work in school...a creative and effective way to put important health messages across to childrenBig difference
Excellent live performance is a memorable medium for education and this was just that!Big difference
Outstanding presentation that really connected with the children and made them think...great initiativeBig difference
Good presentation with a plenary that does challenge and is thought provoking. I'd recommend to other schoolsNo Harm Done?
It shows that its OK not to be OK, and to look out for friends. No Harm done? Has done an excellent job of sensitively raising issues about self harm and mental healthNo Harm Done?
Especially good for encouraging teenage boys to discuss feelings and emotionsNo Harm Done?
It's a really effective way of delivering crucial messages to young peopleNo Harm Done?
Captured all the students attention...very relevant to the decisions students of this age will face in the next few yearsWired: Under the Influence
Great to see an educational presentation that conveys information almost entirely by posing questions. This really encouraged critical thinking and engagementWired: Under the Influence
It made our pupils think and gave them facts to considerWired: Under the Influence
An informative session that encourages students to think about their actionsWired: Under the Influence
Encourages young people to talk and build positive relationships shares how physical activity can help feelings.On Your Marks
Fun, interactive and pitched perfectly. children had the chance to think about their own emotional health through the characters storyOn Your Marks
Shows talking about feelings as very normal. Offers children lots of ideas to help them understand and manage their feelings. Engaging and enjoyable.On Your Marks
Allows pupils to think for themselves. The characters really engage them in talking about feelings.One Of My Friends
The Drama allows students to consider scenarios without it being personal to them. Exactly the issues our students are dealing with day to day. Excellent.One Of My Friends
Well led interactions that addressed potentially difficult subjects with skill. The questioning supported pupils to reflect on the characters choices, attitudes and behaviours.One Of My Friends

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